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Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Promotion of ethical journalism to promote peace and harmony.

In present day society, information is power. Right to information is a vital component for democratic structure of any Nation and Freedom of expression is a core tenet for healthy media. Different types of media are used globally to disseminate information. Media on positive side provides a platform for free & independent debate and discussion and on other hand it can be misused for propaganda and for spreading hatred and rumors, leading to creation of tensions. Hence the deliberations about the role of media as driver of peace or as driver of conflict continues. It is a known fact that by supplying credible information and by reaching a large audience, the media helps in managing conflicts and in promoting democratic principles. Hence media and journalism plays key role in conflict management and peace processes . Accordingly one of the measure for peace-building processes is enhanced ethical journalism.

A movement for connecting youths across the Nation with Media Leaders
Inspiring Youth | Strengthening Ethical Media Leadership and Peace

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