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Focus of 4th National Conference on Media & Journalism (NCMJ)

Media can play a crucial role in developing processes of
negotiating peace, by enabling debates and discussions
that can resolve underlying conflicts in a non-violent
manner. The purpose of this conference is to outline the
role of media in promoting a culture of peace.

The theme of this year’s conference revolves around the
contribution of media in spreading and promoting peace
in the global context, especially the new media and the
challenges posed by the rapid changes in the media
landscape. It aims to open up communication channels to
address the challenges involved in covering conflict as
well as in negotiating peace in an inclusive manner.

The conference will try to address various issues

  • 75 Years of Indian Journalism

  • OTT: Whatever happened to the Blockbuster?

  • Documenting past, present & future

  • New Media, New Jobs

  • Voice of Peace in Times of Conflict

With a legacy of three years, the 4th National Conference
on Media and Journalism promises to provide a majestic
platform to connect media leaders with today’s youth. The
conference is a noble initiative for encouraging dialogue,
inclusivity and peace

Media and Peace: The Relationship

In present day society, information is power and the mediation of this information is a great responsibility. A free,
independent and unbiased media is the means through which the correct information is conveyed to the people
which sustains the democratic structure of any nation. However, media as an information vehicle is susceptible
to corroding influences of powers that be. In the guise of free & independent debate and discussion, information
can be misused for propaganda, spreading hatred and rumors, leading to creation of tensions. Hence
deliberations about the role of media as a negotiator of peace or as an agent of resolving conflict continue. It is a
known fact that by supplying credible information and by reaching a large audience, the media helps in managing
conflicts and in promoting democratic principles. Hence, one of the pillars of upholding world peace is the
promotion of Truth and Ethical Journalism.

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