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Youth to Youth Connect 2 (International)

Young Media Leaders : The Way Ahead | Youth to Youth Connect 2 (International)

2. Young Media Leaders: The Way Ahead

Youth is the future who will be the budding media professionals, entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges coming ahead. This event of youth to youth connect gives opportunity to the young media talents and influencers to improve their knowledge of the sector and sharpen their skills, which, in turn, helps establish an integrated and positive media system that ensures the continuous development of the sector. Especially due to pandemic situation, the challenges are even more worrying and so our ideas need a different dimension. It will act as a platform that brings together independent and professional media experts with the industry’s best practices to equip young media leaders with the required skills to build a positive media ecosystem and sustain the future development of the industry.

Thursday, 24 Sept 2020 (3.30 pm to 5.00 pm)

Mara Gaioli - The young speaker started by explaining the vast potential of the internet and how youth are more connected than ever on social media and through that they are participating in the world and its affairs. This includes political parties, official institutions so that the participation is not simply without fangs. She states further that participation is not only limited to offering an opinion bit also top likes, dislikes and every other way to channel the information from where it can be extrapolated.

Rishi Shah - The young speaker spoke about how the current generation is increasingly online to share their opinions, their convictions and their passions. He further states that in his opinion, content is simply an individual doing what they do best and that being recorded and presented. He further states that presenting your views online is better than in person since there uis less room for aggression.

Rick Voss - The young speaker spoke from a legalist and economic backdrop and stated that he believes that all functions and functionalities will soon be online. In effect, all of human life shall be presented and reflected online. As such, the oncu of leading falls to the youth. He also states that it is essential for a functioning democracy to have a free press with ethically motivated journalism and that can be extended, with due modifications, to the entire media shepeer. Basically, we must be responsible for the content we p[ut up and that must be ethically motivated and not morally so.

Mihir Modak - The young speaker was formerly of the opinion that the future belongs to the youth and was of the opinion that the present generation has more clarity and maturity than the preceding generations. He believes this is due to the net and the media. He quoted a few film examples to elaborate his point and command over his mind.

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