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Plenary Session 9

Challenges of Media Owners : Road Ahead | Plenary Session 9

What does it mean to be a media owner in the 21st century? Mark Brandon, chief operating officer of digital creative agency Siren, suggests, as "anybody who can aggregate an audience that is of interest and value to an advertiser", then developments in technology have widened the goalposts to welcome telecommunications, mobile, search and web TV companies into the fold. Media is going through a time of huge transformation. Not just from a media agency point of view, but across all parts of the value chain, from the media owners to the agencies and ultimately the marketers and advertisers. These changes are being driven by technology and associated social changes, where media channels are becoming more fragmented and the media consumer is more empowered than ever before. Some are even becoming media in their own right through blogging and social media. This new landscape has forced brands to be innovative using new ways to reach out and engage with their customers. In the face of disrupters, many sectors have had to be creative and take initiatives that enable them to compete.

Thursday, 24 Sept 2020 (1.30 pm to 3.00 pm)

Shayaan Shaikh - The learned speaker elaborated upon the role of a media owner and juxtaposed it with the technological development of the recent decade. Thus, the speaker summarises that anyone today who simply shoots a video on their phone can be considered a media owner. Thus, there is a need to re-examine the very definition and role of media owners and he is looking forward to hearing the views of the other speakers.

Vijay Darda - The learned speaker started by lauding Mr Rahul Karad and his father Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad for their excellent endeavours, such as the present conference, even in these difficult times. He then stated how the quality of journalism has drastical;ly changed since the 18th century down to today. Along with the quality, even the prestige afforded to journalists has been reduced. Back in the day they were considered to be serving the nation at par with any army man. Now, they are afforded little respect. He then spoke briefly about religion and how it is the force most responsible for global strife, especially in the context of the middle East and upper Africa. He then elaborated upon the difference between Peace Journalism and Journalism for Peace. He then spoke of how all journalists must engage in peace journalism so that solutions can be sought for the many global issues in a harmonious and peaceful manner. He then rues that India seems to have lost the taste for peace journalism and this vexed the speaker no end.

Ron Roy Nag - The learned speaker stated that the major key for media owners today is sustainability. He spoke in regards of media owners having to maintain original content and to do a good job of packaging it. Marketing is very important now for media owners and so is maintaining consumer loyalty. Technology is another aspect that has to be made user friendly and simple to access.

Shweta Powar - The learned speaker started by stating that each adversity that the media owner faces is nothing but an opportunity in disguise. She believes that technology is key to understanding the new paradigm for media owners. She quotes the example of the last decade in which time social media has gained prominence and print media has been reducing. She stresses that the trends that these facts represent are to be studied and implemented. The transition of present media houses to channels more in vogue is essential for their survival.

Vibeke Baunsgaar - The learned speaker started by stating that contrary to the popular idiom that knowledge is power, in fact power is knowledge. She stated the present state of the world where information is freely available and a lot of information pertaining to the lives of individuals. She then spoke of leadership, which according to the speaker, is more to do with leading oneself than leading others. She also stated that in this day and age we must live within our means and within it we must find peace and tranquility. She then spoke of how an individual should determine their best values and infuse it in their profession and that this advice holds true for the current media owners. This is to do with integrity now and not the bottomline.

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