Media and Peace: The Relationship

In present day society, information is power. Right to Information is a vital component for democratic structure of any Nation and Freedom of Expression is a core tenet for healthy media. Different types of media are used globally to disseminate information. Media on positive side provides a platform for free & independent debate and discussion and on other hand can be misused for propaganda and for spreading hatred and rumors, leading to creation of tensions. Hence the deliberations about the role of media as driver of peace or as driver of conflict continues. It is a known fact that by supplying credible information and by reaching a large audience, the media helps in managing conflicts and in promoting democratic principles. Hence Media and Journalism plays a key role in conflict management and peace processes. Accordingly one of the measures for peace-building processes  is enhanced ethical journalism.


Focus of National Conference on Media & Journalism (NCMJ)

Media can play a crucial role in developing the peace processes, by enabling the underlying conflicts to be expressed and argued in a non-violent manner. The focus of the first MIT – WPU National Conference on Media & Journalism is Ethical Journalism. The theme of the round table MIT – WPU National  Conference on Media & Journalism is to deliberate and figure out various measures, dimensions and way forward with regards to Role of  Media  to Promote the Culture of Peace in the World. 

The conference theme revolves around role and contribution of  media in spreading and promoting peace in global context, by engaging in credible reporting, representing balanced opinions in its news, editorial content, article, audio, videos and by opening up communication channels and platform to address the challenges as involved in covering conflict and as well as peace areas. The conference will try to address various issues including: 

How can media maintain the balance between transparency vs the need for confidentiality?
How can media meet the imperatives of market forces such as sensationalism and commercialization, and at the same time create a forum for serious and responsible public debate?

MIT–WPU  National  Conference on Media & Journalism will act as a platform to sow seeds in creating  movement by connecting youths with Media Leaders.


Promotion of Ethical Journalism to Promote Peace and Harmony.


  • Igniting the spirit of Ethical Journalism ingrained with social sensitivity

  • Raising the extent of awareness, involvement, responsiveness and access through open deliberations between Media Leaders, Policy Makers, Youth, Society and Industry at large

  • Creating energetic youths as future media leaders and as ethical  journalism ambassadors  


  • To appreciate as well as to critically analyze the role of media and Journalism in the context of peace building processes. 

  • Delineating the tenets of value based media 

  • To propose road map by addressing challenges and way forward for ethical journalism.

Benefits of attending the Conference

  • Connect with Media Leaders, Society, Industry Personnel and Youth on a common platform for deliberating on role of media and peace building processes and related issues and to propose way forward 

  • Raise awareness, intellectual deliberations and sensitivity among participants along with embracing role of media in service to the nation

  • Understanding challenges of Media in multicultural, multi-religious and multi-lingual society like India

Discussion Points

  • Exploring, deliberating and proposing the way forward with reference to role of print and electronic media in promoting the culture of peace in the world

Who should attend

•    Media Fraternity, Social Science Scholars, Lawyers, Writers, Research Scholars, Social Observers, Authors, Policy Planner, Thinkers, Students, Academicians, any interested member from Society and Industry

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NCMJ Address

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About NCMJ

MIT World Peace University’s National Conference on Media & Journalism is a vibrant, democratic and open platform for connecting Media Leaders with youth. MIT–WPU, National Conference on Media & Journalism (NCMJ) is organized by School of Media & Journalism. The conference provides a unique opportunity for open discussions and deliberation, to figure out and to recommend measures for addressing conflict resolution through Media & Journalism and for promoting culture of peace. 

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